Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Letter from Erica Jackson, Mossville, LA, resident

November 6, 2005

My name is Erica Jackson. I’m representing Mossville, LA and I’m a member of Mossville Environmental Action Now, Inc.. We were forced to evacuate during Hurricane Rita and upon returning to my home our community was devastated. Many trees were uprooted, collapsing homes and blocking streets, and hundreds of electrical wires were severed. Debris and harmful waste polluted the streets. It was easy to see that we had environmental problems. Some of the waste contained toxic mold, harmful chemicals, and petroleum products.

With your endorsement of the environmental law waiver, this harmful debris and waste will not be dumped in an area that is safe for the community. The allowance of the dumping practices will place our community in harms way.

How could anyone supposedly so concerned about the health and welfare of the American people sign such a waiver? We are asking you to reconsider your decision and withdraw this environmental law waiver.

Thank you,

Erica Jackson


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