Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pictures of the group in Washington DC

We met with Senator Landrieu on Nov. 8, who promised some sort of statement regarding these horrible environmental waivers next week. We will stay vigilant and make sure she removes these waivers, which put thousands of Louisianans at serious health risks.

Here are some pictures of our group. From Left to Right: Monique Harden of New Orleans, LA; Nathalie Walker of New Orleans, LA (temporarily residing in North Carolina); Beth Zilbert of Lake Charles, LA; Johanna Congleton of New Orleans, LA; Sharon Alexis of New Orleans, LA (temporarily residing in Baton Rouge); and Erca Jackson and her son Van Jackson, Jr., of Mossville, LA.


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Anonymous Assistant Trip Leader: EJ in LA said...

A group of Antioch University New England graduate students are hoping to meet with you in March to discuss your work around environmental justice issues.

Hope we meet up in March!!

12:17 PM  
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