Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Statement of Van Jackson, Jr.

November 7, 2005

My name is Van Jackson. I am a resident of Mossville, Louisiana and a member of Mossville Environment Action Now, Inc.. I was forced out of my home due to the Hurricane Rita evacuation. After the storm moved on, I knew that I was going back to a disaster area, but not of this magnitude. This was a sight that would let you know that no man was this powerful. Only God could destroy a town like Mossville was destroyed. The streets were covered by fallen trees. Residents had to saw trees in blocks and remove them from the streets so that cars could get through. The entire town was shut down. No stores, no schools or businesses were open. Residents could only come back to town according to the curfew hours that were set.

Our work has just begun to rebuild our town. Debris and harmful waste outline our town and contaminated refrigerators are on the streets. American Red Cross, FEMA, nor the insurance companies are willing to replace the refrigerators.

Our town is full of polluted waters, debris, and dangerous waste. If the environmental law waiver is passed, every environmental law will be ignored and every human being will suffer gravely from such an inhumane decision. We all know that if such a waiver is passed, the Afro Americans will suffer the most.

We have already suffered grave devastation with the destruction of the hurricanes. Now that we are at our weakest must we suffer more?

It is with prayers and a strong urge for you to reconsider your action and to allow the environmental laws to remain as they are.

Van Jackson, Jr.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Van..

I went to Maplewood Middle School with ya. Hope all is well

7:36 PM  

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